Converting Everyday Waste Into Energy

Waste Conversion To Energy

The CTO conversion process is a thermal treatment followed by gasification that produces synthetic petroleum at 43 API or higher (lighter).

  • Coal to Oil, Met Coke and Natural Gas

    Each 1000 ton per day (tpd) coal system will convert to approximately 1000 barrels/day of 44 API light sweet crude oil.

  • MSW to Oil, Carbon and Natural Gas

    Each 1000 tpd MSW conversion system will produce approximately 450 barrels/day of 44 API light sweet crude oil.

  • Tires to Oil, Carbon and Natural Gas

    A 100 tpd tire conversion facility will produce approximately 288 barrels/day of 50 API light sweet crude oil.

  • HDPE

    HDPE converts to 80% synthetic petroleum oil, 1% carbon and 19% syngas.

  • Mixed Plastic

    Mixed Plastic will convert to 65% synthetic oil, 11% high grade coke/carbon and 24% syngas at 1,000 BTU/lb similar to above components.

Draconis Digester System

Our low cost, high-efficiency trickle filter digesters that remove nutrients and digest up to 90% of the BOD in a waste water stream by adding additional surface area to an existing waste water treatment facility.

  • Cost Benefits

    Low cost solution for existing waste water treatment facilities.

  • Capital Installation Cost Benefits

    Low cost design utilizes few operational wear components.

  • Efficiency Benefits

    High efficiency media and ecological environment for BOD destruction

  • Operational Cost Benefits

    DDS has very dependable and low maintenance operation

  • BOD Destruction

    The DDS provide an ideal environment for BOD destruction

  • Sludge Digestion

    Draconis Digester System can eliminate nearly 90% of sludge generated by waste water treatment

About Our Company

New Range Power is a company associated with many gifted people. Years of study, research, schooling and practical experience allows us to present true state of the art technological solutions to modern society’s dilemma of what to do with the waste that we create in our daily lives.

We have experience in taking concepts and ideas to patents, to project permitting, to design and construction, to site preparation work and on to commissioning and completed projects. We have business leadership skills that allow us to accomplish the project you desire for your company or community.

If you have a waste stream that is under-utilized or costing you excess dollars, we have the knowledge and experience to work with you for a profitable solution.

Our Mission

To meld what is considered a problem into a profitable solution.  NRP will work with you to process your MSW, wood waste, tires, plastics and coal into clean renewable energy and clean water in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Vision

Everyone will understand that today’s waste is tomorrow’s energy resource.

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